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Contractor WHS Management

The dashboard (right) is the average progress as of Quarter 2 (Oct 2023) across participating Clients. Progress is ongoing as we work with a range of Contractors, some coming from little or no WHS knowledgebase. Quarterly Reports are a real look into Contractor engagement in WHS.

With development starting July 2022, the Worker (Contractor) WHS Record System was initially limited to 7 Clients. We can now offer this Contractor Management support service to all Prompt Safety Solutions Clients.

Prompt Safety Solutions operate the system on behalf of the Client and report feedback and results to relevant Client Officers to utilise. We also help maintain Contractor record currency by sending quarterly reminders to Contractor Principals to update expired documents flagged by the system.

Quarterly Reports are produced to track progress and potential shortfalls. This system assists Client Officers by collating and providing extensive data from Contractor Principals to help maintain currency of WHS records for Contract Work.

Contractor WHS Records collated by prompt Safety Solutions are fully accessible to the Client with records including emails, Insurance Certificates and WHS documentation via a password protected live Status Report (E.g. Officers can open any Contractor Insurance Certificate PDF to verify it is consistent with the Status Report and check if it is current).

Contractor WHS Records and Support provided:

  • WHS Record Form request email including support available to Contractors by the Prompt team if required

  • Information, training and system support for Client Officers as required

  • Risk Assessment Declaration & Document Retention

  • Verification of Competency Declaration

  • Insurance Declaration & Certificate of Currency Retention/ reminder emails

  • Vehicle Plant & Equipment Insurance & Licence Declaration

  • Hazardous Substances Declaration

  • Safety Management System Declaration


For support managing your Contractor WHS Records, Nicole can organise Teams Meetings to explain and show examples (real data gathered over 17 months) of how the Service works: or 0427 616 837.


Q2 - WHS Record System Dashboard 2023-24.png
Q2 Expiry Report - Worker WHS Record System_Page_1.jpg
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