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An additional fee is applicable for the subscription to, and setup of this service.
Prompt Safety Solutions utilizes Australian innovatory online platform iAuditor to assist clients in streamlining site inspections, inductions and reports without the need to print a piece of paper! Clients can fill in forms on their tablet, smart phone or computer and the completed forms are stored in their iAuditor account for review, actions can be emailed from the platform, forms can be edited with updated actions, and completed forms downloaded as a PDF for printing and backup to external storage. Clients who request this additional online service will be invited to join the Prompt Safety Solutions team on SafetyCulture to use iAuditor giving access to the relevant forms including inspections, reports and meeting templates.
Each completed form will be recorded and stored in the individual Client’s account. Only personnel with the client’s account login/ device will be able to view and download the completed forms. Only Prompt safety Solutions can access to all Clients’ completed forms for the purpose of assisting with any queries that arise (just like we currently do in the paper form where required). Please refer to the Prompt Safety Solutions Privacy Policy for details.
By being a part of the Prompt Safety Solutions Team, form templates will automatically update as the Prompt team completes document reviews keeping forms current.

STEP 1 – The Client requests a subscription to and setup of this service and Prompt Safety Solutions will add the Client as a team member and assist in populating all forms in the Client Account.
STEP 2 – The Client accepts the invitation and they are prompted to create their own password for their user account, download the iAuditor app on their devices or can login via internet browsers (E.g safari, Google Chrome) to access and complete forms via the app/browser. Three devices can be used simultaneously to complete forms. If forms are completed in an out of service location, the forms will update when the device next connects to the internet. Each client account will automatically have access to the relevant form templates allocated to them meaning no client time is required to set up templates.
STEP 3 – Once forms are completed, they can be viewed, downloaded and actions required will automatically be added to a register within the app and reminders emailed to the relevant person for closure at a later date.
- The user will only be able to see the results of the forms they have completed under their user login.
- Prompt Safety Solutions (Steve Taylor owner account) is the only account that can view all client inspections.
- Each client only receives one login. This means if they choose to share the login across all employees – all employees will also be able to see the form results. If a client wants to restrict employee use, it is advised for the employer to provide a device logged into the iAuditor app or request a second user account for Inductions and incident reports (sensitive information).
- Note that completed forms can only be deleted once they have been archived. For additional protection, it would be advised to download copy of all reports and store electronically by the Clients.

A test iAuditor account has been created for clients to experience how the application seamlessly aligns with relevant Prompt Safety Solutions documents. We have created a video to demonstrate the employee experience for completing document “IND-04 Shire Copy - Administration OSH Induction”. There are four additional templates including inspections and an incident report to experiment with. Login Email: Password: Testaccount1
If you have and questions or need guidance & support please email - We are here to help.
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