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DIY Contractor WHS Management 

This system provides paper forms and instruction to PCBUs to manage Contractors.

Review, record keeping and maintaining currency of documentation is the responsibility of the PCBU and does not form part of the service provided by Prompt Safety Solutions.

Prompt Safety Solutions provides a stand alone full service Worker (Contractor) WHS Record System - you can request a quote for this additional service if you want one of our team to manage contractor records.

Want the Prompt Team to manage your Contractor WHS Records?   





PCBUs, how to review Contractor Principal's


1. Task Based Risk Assessment:

Does the Contractor have a task-based Risk Assessment (SWMS, JHA) and have they populated it with hazards and controls applicable to the work they will be undertaking?

If the Contractor does not have a Task Based Risk Assessment, they can download and populate this Risk Assessment Template  before starting.

2. Licences, Certification, Competencies:

Is the Contractor competent to carry out the work? (Do they hold valid Certificates, Registrations & Licences and agree to Verification of Competency (VOC) requirements for their workers). If they do not have an internal VOC process, please use WM-12 PCBU & Worker Verification of Competency VOC & Licences Qualifications Declaration.

3. Insurance:

Does the contractor have the required Insurances for the works that they will be undertaking? (Check with your Insurer what is required)

  • Public liability insurance

  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Contractor/ Organisation with Employees

  • Personal Accident Insurance/ Income Protection - Sole Traders

  • Plant - Motor Vehicle/s Insurance - If the Contractor/ Organisation provides and uses Plant or Motor Vehicles for site works

  • Other insurances

As a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) Work Health and Safety (WHS) Duty Holder, you need to ensure Contractor Principals and Sub-Contractor Principals have adequate WHS documentation and relevant Insurances for the works that they will be undertaking before they start work.


PCBUs, it is your responsibility to request Contractor Principals WHS Documentation.

>Do this by downloading the WHS Review email template and sending it to the Contractor Principal with instructions on how to complete their WHS Record Form (WM-02.2)


PCBUs, it is your responsibility to review your Contractor Principal's WHS submissions.

Work Health and Safety laws - Duties under the new Act (Duration 9 minutes) DMIRS WA


Please view the above Department of Mines Industry Regulation & Safety (WorkSafe WA) video to gain a better understanding of your WHS requirements as a Person Undertaking a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).


PCBUs, it is your responsibility to undertake the relevant Site WHS Induction with Contractor Principals on arrival to site. 

Please use the Site WHS Induction template below applicable to the work (actioned when workers arrive/ are working on PCBU work sites):

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